Let's turn up the heat a little and play
some music. Even cowboy's like a little
bit of rock n' roll so don't have a panic
attack when we play some AC/DC. We
do have our share of slow two-step
songs but we just like to jam. I guess
you can consider us a Texas Country
Band because we let our independence
show through. There's no Nashville
spiked hair and designer jeans here. It's
like putting a little old and new country
together and adding some influences
such as KISS and ZZ Top. What you get
is a rockin country band. The style is as
unique as the guys in the band. We are
not your average VFW kind of band and
we don't just blend into the

We've had a few songs on Texas radio.
"Momma Was a Drinker" was our first
single. The new CD has had two singles
go to Texas radio, "Whiskey Lullaby",
and the title track "Damaged". All the
songs I've written have close
similarities to true life experiences.
Whether it be losing a loved one or
loving someone in the back seat of a
car. "Damaged" is available at CD Baby,
I-tunes, and select Hastings stores. Our
travels have led us to opening shows
for such entertainers as Kevin Fowler,
Honeybrowne, Jackson Taylor, Tommy
Alverson, Wade Bowen and Jamie
Richards. The fanbase is slowly building
and we are meeting a lot of good
people. We like to play loud and show
our support for God and country. Come
out and see us sometime.......